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Aquatic Physical Therapy

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Aquatic Physical TherapyLinda Bernot



The aquatic physical therapy program is under the direction of Aquatic Coordinator, Linda Bernot, PT. Linda is recognized nationally as a leader in aquatic rehabilitation, having been elected Vice President of the American Physical Therapy Association Aquatic Section. Linda is a certified pool operator and has lectured locally and nationally on the topics of Aquatic Physical Therapy treatment techniques and risk managment.

Aquatic Rehabilitation

The Program


Benefits of Water

The water provides an excellent medium to conduct physical rehabilitation. The unique properties of

buoyancy, support, and accommodating resistance enhance exercise and create a safe environment for

progressive rehabilitation. The buoyancy of water decreases weight bearing on the joints and spine,

making the pool the ideal method of rehabilitating degenerative and post-surgical conditions. Warm water

prompts relaxation and facilitates stretching.


Individualized Program design

Aquatic rehabilitation is physical therapy and requires a prescription to initiate treatment and

facilitate health insurance reimbursement. A land-based evaluation is performed by a licensed physical

therapist to determine individual patient goals and program design.


Personalized Treatment

Personalized treatment planning is based on the initial evaluation. Water exercise is under the direct

instruction and supervision of licensed physical therapists who are experienced in aquatic physical

therapy and certified in water safety.


Timely physician communication is made to report patient progress. A congenial, friendly environment

prevails to foster enthusiasm and participation.


Post Discharge Options

At Advanced Physical Therapy Associates, we recognize the importance of post discharge planning

and the need of our patients to continue with an independent exercise program for optimal wellness. We encourage patients to develop a long-term approach to fitness by making the therapeutic pool available for independent exercise post discharge as a transition to community facilities. Times are available

morning, afternoons and evenings for a nominal fee.


Our Aquatic Facility

The therapeutic 17 X 39 foot, 20,000-gallon pool at Advanced Physical Therapy Associates provides

a superior physical facility for aquatic rehabilitation. This warm water (90-92 degree F) pool was

specially designed for therapy and wellness programming. In addition to an optimal air environment, the pool features 3 ½ to 6-foot depth for both shallow and deep-water exercise. State of the art equipment

includes handicapped lift, Aqua Tread stations, a full complement of pediatric-size equipment, and

locker/shower facilities. The facility is totally handicapped accessible.

Safety Concerns

Our program is under constant direction of physical therapists who are water safety certified.

In compliance with all state codes regarding water safety and testing



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